New Castle Mayor Timothy

New Castle Mayor Timothy Fulkerson started a campaign last year to move the homes, but it ended when he determined it would be too costly. Papa also approached school board members at a meeting last summer about moving the homes, but never returned for more details. Meehan said he doesn’t know how much it will cost to move 322 Reis St.

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Council had been set to vote on the deal in March, but Realtex and neighborsdisagreed abouthow many affordable units would be built. The city’s zoning board initially approved the project in October with four below market rate units and a payment of $884,000 into the Housing Trust Fund but neighbors appealed, which bumped up the project to council. At this point, assuming no one files a lawsuit, the project now has its permits and can move toward construction..

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If anyone wants to understand the environment that formed the mindset of Jay Edwards, the local non Athens city perspective, and the Nelsonville angle in particular, PLEASE listen to WAIS 770 AM radio each morning from 9 to 10am. Hosted by his relatives, and his grandfather on the weekend mornings, you will hear hair raising ignorance, rumors, conspiracies and general know nothing opinions (with the rare lucid exception) including the opinion that Obama’s “war on coal” has led to the decline of that energy source’s influence and jobs in the US. Cheap natural gas is never mentioned.

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